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RonaldKron, 19930403, Hagnau, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Hagnau, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
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Honestly, I'm new here and I don't understand at all what is happening here!
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Honestly, I will be glad if someone makes the first step towards me and writes to me, then I will be very happy because I have not met at all or even very rarely on sites, and this is my first experience of dating on this site!))
About me) I am a very very shy and very shy guy! And a little afraid to take the first step on this site and even if I do then I'm a little afraid since I don't know if I can please you! I work for a car sales company as a salesman) I really like this job because I have an interest in cars since childhood and I like to sell them!)) At work I spend all the weekdays of my week and on weekends I like to go out for a walk or just sit in silence in a cafe to drink coffee!)) I love romance flowers very much! And all that is cute in this world, and the soft toys of dykes are quite my weakness at the sight of them I just melt...... And everything else I am ready to tell you in a personal message.....
I come here with the intention of finding the very man to whom I will be ready to give a place in my heart and live with him for the rest of my life))).....